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Published:August 2nd, 2013 11:05 EST

Riley Cooper, Paula Deen,The NFL And 'The N-Word'! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Receiver Riley Cooper spent much of Thursday`s practice standing alone, isolated from teammates when he wasn`t participating in first-team repetitions. He has learned acceptance won`t come easily from everyone in the Philadelphia Eagles` locker room.


Cooper, who has apologized after being caught on video using a racial slur in an argument with an African-American security guard at a June concert, has been fined an undisclosed amount by the team and ordered by the organization to undergo sensitivity training."

USA Today

Cooper was captured on a cell phone camera hurling the N-Word at an African American at a Kenny Chesney concert. My first thought, of course, was: What`s a black dude doing at a Chesney concert?

But it turns out that the object of Cooper`s vitriol wasn`t a fan, but a security guard. Cooper yelled at the security officer: I will jump that fence and fight every nigger here!

The vast majority of Cooper`s teammates are African American, and I`m sure the word "nigga" is heard often in the Eagles` locker room. Young blacks use the word "nigga" as a term of endearment, when referring to one another. "Nigga" can also be used as a generic term in referring to any individual, black, white, brown or yellow.

There is a world of difference between "nigga" and "nigger", "nigger" is a word used exclusively by racists when they are angry or drunk.

Cooper was drunk and angry at the black security guard, because he wasn`t receiving deferential treatment. By all accounts Cooper is a prima donna who imagines he is special because he`s an NFL player.

It should be noted that Cooper`s racism wasn`t just aimed at the security guard he had a verbal altercation with; he was ready to fight every black person in the vicinity.

Cooper received a slap on the wrist from the Philadelphia Eagles organization, and he`s been ordered to undergo sensitivity training.

The NFL should step in and Paula Deen this egotistical bastard. Cooper thinks he`s better than everybody else, especially blacks. The likes of Cooper belong in Arena Football, not the NFL.

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