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Published:August 6th, 2013 11:12 EST

Fake 'Service Dog' Vests A Growing Trend: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Phony service dog tags have become common among city pooch owners, who use them for everything from taking Fido bar-hopping to pick up chicks to getting discounts on the Hamptons Jitney.


Dog owners can easily snap up bogus tags, vests, patches and certificates on the Internet, circumventing the city Health Department and undermining federal regulations designed to aid the disabled."

New York Post

I am not surprised at all that you can buy phony service dog tags on the Internet; you can buy absolutely anything online. Why waste years of your life, and tens of thousands going to a university to get a medical degree, when you can purchase a bogus medical degree online?

I`m tempted to buy a phony service dog tag so I can take my pooch with me wherever I go, but Mandy is too unruly and everybody would soon realize that she`s not really a service dog.

If I took Mandy to a bar with me my chances of getting lucky would improve by a 100 percent. Ladies can resist most pickup lines, but a dog`s sad eyes will soften any woman`s heart.

Is it really wrong to get a fake service dog tag online? It could certainly be argued that all dogs perform a therapeutic service to their owners.

Go ahead and buy a bogus service dog tag; I`m sure God is a dog lover and He won`t dog you for your tiny transgression.

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