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Published:August 6th, 2013 08:25 EST
Two Witnesses Tie Joshua Young to Trey Zwicker`s Murder: Cassie Gouker and Jahaira Friend!

Two Witnesses Tie Joshua Young to Trey Zwicker`s Murder: Cassie Gouker and Jahaira Friend!

By John G. Kays

Big Josh Gouker was the headliner (with his traveling carnival Freak Show) in a Louisville court yesterday, yet he wasn`t the most important witness (called by the prosecution). The Star Witness called was Cassie Gouker, who was awakened by Josh Jr. on May 11, 2011 (for unknown reasons), with a desperate plea to help him get rid of some incriminating evidence. Another possibly overlooked key witness, who heard Josh Jr. confess he was the one who killed Trey Zwicker, while on a zany Alabama crime spree, is Jahaira Friend, appearing on the witness stand last Friday.

If you buy what these two women had to say, and when you combine the difficulty of making the timeline work (when you`ll have Big Josh as the killer), then your going to end up coming to the conclusion that the younger Josh bludgeoned the innocent youngster to death. This is where I`m currently sitting, but my stool is a trifle wobbly from all the hot air blowing out of the seasoned con`s frog-throated, lying mouth, Big Daddy Josh, ya know. Yet if Cassie actually saw the bloody bat and clothes with her own two matted eyes (it was one in the morning for Christ`s sake), then that`s enough to pin Josh Jr. to the ritualistically-laced slaying of said victim Trey.

At this shaky juncture, I don`t wish to go down the twisted, undulating path (of uncertainty) that the timeline represents so clearly, but now that I`ve sprung the Blue Genie out of the bottle, I`ll have to hint at the awful bind and nagging conundrum it`s putting all of us in! Big Josh couldn`t have done it! Amanda doses off at 1:30 AM and the carny freak was still in the sack; furthermore, he just smoked a big marijuana joint and made a home porno flick. Was he in any kind of shape to go commit a murder? And think on this: younger Josh had already arrived at Cassie`s pad; the horrible deed was over with and Big Daddy missed the Horror Show, hey, he was stoned in bed!

Yea, the timeline is causing major problems for Josh Jr., which will be difficult for the defense to weasel out of; yea, impossible to overcome really. We don`t want to believe this baby-faced youngster is the one who did it, but this is the water trough witnesses are leading us to. And don`t forget what Jahaira Friend testified on Friday; the kid told her he did it. I found a more fully elaborated narrative of this totally crazy trip to Alabama, where it looks as if father and son were fleeing from the scene of the murder a few weeks after it occurred. Angelic Burkhead may have some inside knowledge also, although she split from this looney bunch early on in the trip.

Still, the possibility that Gouker was setting his son up to take the fall (at least initially) is not a notion that can be easily dismissed. Why get Cassie involved in the first place, if not to plant a false seed of culpability?; I mean, the bloody bat and clothes could have been faked to make the youngster look like the real culprit. Too, Josh Jr. could have easily found this dumpster on his own, used to dispose an assortment of gory items. Another problem I`m having, is with what Dr. George Nichols (a former chief medical examiner from Kentucky) told the court on Friday; he`s inclined to believe it was more likely a pipe (rod-like object), than a baseball bat (used as a murder weapon).

This is definitely not coming together too pretty (with wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, and a get well card inside) for either the prosecution or for the defense. And some of the witnesses called to the stand are a little riddled themselves with an unsavory past (guilt by association, you might say). Still, the prosecution seems to have enough at least to prove Little Josh was complicit in Trey`s murder. I have no reason to doubt what Cassie saw that late spring night was real. Was Josh Jr. ordered by his demented Daddy to perform the ritualistic killing as revenge against Amanda, who refused to bear him further offspring *(in a twisted parable of the Old Testament)?