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Published:August 6th, 2013 10:47 EST

Viral Video Featuring A Very Wet Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pet owners seem to love to guess what their animals are thinking. "What`s that, boy? Timmy fell down the well?" But, while most of us are amateurs, the fellas at Talking Animals (aka klaatu42) are the real deal. They tap into the animal psyche in a way Cesar Millan can only dream of. And their newest video is no exception. While the video`s description may be a bit short on words (it just says `A very... wet... dog. Starring Oakley.`) the dog himself is most definitely not."


CBS News

Cat videos rule the Internet, but every once in a while a dog video goes viral. This one starring a very wet canine has garnered millions of views in under a week.

Oakley, like all small pooches, talks a mile a minute; the doggie`s diatribe about how much he hates taking a bath is hilarious.

Cats hate getting wet even more than dogs, and if a feline was videotaped after being bathed the video would be filled with obscenities and threats.

Dogs are loyal and loving companions; if you adopt one from your local animal shelter he will love you forever, even if he has to endure an occasional bath.

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