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Published:August 7th, 2013 15:18 EST

Dog Owners Get Poop Delivered! Doggone Outrage!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A small group of volunteers in Brunete, Madrid have resorted to packaging dog from sidewalks or parks and sending them to dog owners, who failed to clean up after their pets.

According to reports, the dog owners receive the feces in white boxes, with the label `lost and found` on them.

Volunteers are placed in parks where they approach  `offenders` and their dogs. They ask about the dogs name and the breed.

The dog`s name is later checked on a City Hall database, where most dogs are registered, to retrieve a residential address, the Sydney Morning Herald reported."

The New Age

Brunete, a middle-class suburb of Madrid, was going to the dogs -- people just weren`t cleaning up after their doggoned dogs.

The mayor Borja Gutiérrez thought outside the box in finding a solution to this odious problem, but is mailing a box of canine poop to scofflaw dog owners the answer?

This approach wouldn`t work in New York City, or any city in America for that matter. If a person asked me my dog`s name and breed after he witnessed my pooch taking a dump in a park, I would be tempted to sic my pooch (a German Shepherd/Pit Bull) on him or beat the living hell out of him. I`m not really a violent person; I`m just exaggerating to express how much I dislike folks who don`t mind their own business.

I usually clean up after my pooch, but sometimes I forget to bring a plastic bag with me. (Sh** happens.) Humiliating folks who don`t clean up after their dogs is not the answer.

Maybe if there were more sidewalk trash cans, more dog owners would clean up after their dogs. Ever tried carrying around a bag of steaming dog crap for an hour?

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