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Published:August 7th, 2013 08:10 EST
Jason Bierman Provides Key Phrase 'DEMON CHILD' to Describe a Robotic Teenaged-Killer!

Jason Bierman Provides Key Phrase 'DEMON CHILD' to Describe a Robotic Teenaged-Killer!

By John G. Kays

Is it possible that Josh Young purposely used both an ordinary lead pipe and an older Louisville slugger baseball bat (he had) on his poor, innocent victim stepbrother, Trey Zwicker, in order to confuse the forensic reports of the medical examiner? This would require a great deal of cunning and fore-planning between himself and his twisted biological papa, Big Daddy Josh Gouker! Yet evidence of this sagacious scheme is exactly what we`re getting, when we (for example) hear the testimony yesterday of Kentucky State Medical Examiner, Dr. Amy Burrows-Beckham.

It looks to me like the teenage Josh began his deadly mission with a pipe, then finished off Trey with a bat; I feel like we know the bat was involved, since Cassie Gouker saw it with her own eyes before Josh jettisoned the bloody article in a dumpster (behind a local Mexican restaurant, I believe). On Tuesday, we get a little bit of solidification of Cassie`s account from the testimony of her boyfriend John Robertson, who heard Josh say he killed Trey with the bat, then took his clothes off and ran naked through his neighborhood *(as a good sideboard story, what`s that all about?)

It seems to me, the prosecution has done a good job of showing (if not proving) that little Josh is the one who actually did the murder; he spilled the beans to both Cassie Gouker and to her boyfriend, John Robertson, very close in time to when the deed was done. Moreover, Big Josh`s estranged wife, Amanda McFarland, has provided an air-tight alibi for him, that puts him in bed with her (even smoking a big joint of pot) just after the apparent time of the homicide, which (me thinks) would be some time before 1 AM (May 11, 2011).

It stands to reason, Little Josh would be better able to lure Trey over to the school at an ungodly hour of the evening (or morning), although I wonder what excuse he was given (here`s where some of the cunning enters the picture). We know that Trey had attempted sneaking out of the house earlier in the evening, but was stopped from doing so by his mother, Amanda, then was sent back up to his bedroom. I must say, someone was putting a fire underneath the boy, that motivated him to misbehave strangely! Were they intimidating him in some way? No doubt about that.

I drifted off a bit from my initial assertion; Dr. Amy Burrows-Beckham was alright with the primary head fracture`s infliction coming from a baseball bat; (in my mind) the bat was used in the final stages of the crime, the pipe earlier on. I believe Daddy Gouker told him to do it this way so as to throw off the authorities. The two inmates (Jason Bierman and Paul Embry), who testified yesterday, really only re-enforce Gouker`s initial claim that he employed his son to kill Trey as a sort of demented take on the Old Testament, `an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,` exchanging out the death of one child for the death of his own aborted child.

It was Jason Bierman who stole the show and captured the moment for yesterday`s testimony in Louisville, when he used the phrase  `demon child` to describe what Gouker had told him in confidence behind bars. That is, Big Josh characterized his own son as an evil one, a robotic servant killing machine, who without hesitation, would carry out his possessed father`s orders, who didn`t so much hate his little step-son, as he did see him as an object to exact revenge on his wife. His blood son was conditioned to perform his cursed bidding in the wink of an eye, just as Charles Manson had ordered his raggedy bunch of devotees to go kill some Hollywood Stars some 44 years prior.