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Published:August 8th, 2013 09:05 EST

Dastardly Thieves Steal Mother Rabbit & Her Babies From Petting Zoo

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British Columbia petting zoo said it is closing for the remainder of the summer due to the theft of a mother rabbit, her litter of babies and two ducks.


The Cedar 4-H Club, which runs the Beban Park petting barn in Nanaimo, said the burglars took a mother rabbit, about six babies, two muscovy ducks, two wheelbarrows and hay bales."


What other unspeakable crimes have these dastardly evildoers committed? Stolen candy from a baby? Grabbed a tin cup from a blind beggar? Thrown an old lady under a bus?

The children who frequent the petting zoo are going to be devastated when they learn that that thieves stole a mother rabbit and her babies, and a couple of ducks.

Burglars have struck the petting barn before, and this time it`s closing for the remainder of the summer due to the theft.

The petting barn is not a money-making venture; it`s designed to teach children about farm animals.

If anybody deserves to rot in hell it`s these thieves.

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