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Published:August 8th, 2013 09:27 EST

Florida Dude With 'Way With The Ladies' Threatens To Kill 'Haters'

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A man claiming he had a  `way with the ladies` and a firm grasp on the Florida legal system probably didn`t have either, and ended up getting arrested a popular waterside restaurant in Fort Pierce after causing a scene and riling up his `haters.`


Robert Rock, 50, was acting obnoxious to women, several of whom asked to be left alone, at Cobb`s Landing on July 27."

Miami New Times

Rock told officers those who reported him were "haters " jealous of his "way with the ladies."

Rock is 50, looks 70, and uses the slang of a brain-impaired 17-year-old crack addict. The only females that I can imagine Rock having his way with are female baboons.

The cops weren`t impressed with Rock`s way with the ladies or his legal skills; they charged him with aggravated assault and hauled his ugly butt to jail.

Rock isn`t going to have his way with the jailbirds; before you can say "dork" he`ll be somebody`s wife behind bars.

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