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Published:August 9th, 2013 21:57 EST
Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society Committed to Saving Animals from Death

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society Committed to Saving Animals from Death

By SOP newswire

This year alone has seen an alarming amount of dog and cat owners relinquishing their pets to shelters nationwide. Many of these animals will not get out of the shelters alive. You often wonder if these pet owners realize they are sending their pets to their death or are they under the false illusion that little Fido is going to a better life than they themselves could provide?

In one weekend alone, Miami Dade Animal Control had 237 dogs dropped off at their shelter in South Florida. Vance County Shelter in North Carolina saw 60 animals dropped off to die in less than 36 hours. Why are people just dumping their pets as if they were an old piece of furniture or clothing? Is it the age-old excuse "I can`t afford it anymore"? Yet these same people find the funds for internet services, cell phones, new clothes, and shoes. Or is it the Christmas puppy syndrome? Dogs that were adorable Christmas gifts in December are now 7-8 months old and the novelty has worn off now that pup is growing up and needs more attention and discipline. Whatever the reason, animals are being killed off for no reason other than no one wants them and no one cares.

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society in Henderson, NC, cares and they works tirelessly to save as many dogs and cats as possible from death. Since the rescue started in 2010, they have saved 8,000 animals. No easy task for a few volunteers and no government financial backing. They not only get the animals off death row at Vance County Animal Shelter but also try to intercept before they even get to the shelter when local citizens are looking to dump them.

Once animals are rescued, the group works tirelessly to find rescue placement and will travel 1000 miles each weekend to get the animals to safety. They do not charge a transport fee to the rescues; it is all done with one goal in mind, to get the animals saved.

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society is also called upon when a sick or injured animal arrives at the county animal rescue. The only other option the county has is to kill such animals as they are not adoptable. Since they are not an actual `rescue group`, they cannot charge adoption fees to help with the costs.

They are desperately in need of help as it costs $800.00 a week for transport alone. They are pleading for help from the public to help save these precious animals, who deserve a chance at a happy life. They do not deserve to be thrown away like garbage.

Although Ruin Creek Protection Society struggles daily with the never ending cycle of animals coming into the shelter, they cannot give up on them. Knowing they are saving them from suffering, from death and from never knowing love makes it all worthwhile.

So the next time someone says they cannot afford to keep their pets, think about the cost involved for the rescue that has to save that dog or cat. There is no comparison.

To view Vance County Animal Shelter`s page of adoptable pets please visit:

To view the Emergency Medical Album please visit:

To visit Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society please go to:

Please visit these pages and help by rescuing, fostering, adopting, sponsoring or donating. One small act of compassion and generosity can save a life.

Margaret Mead was quoted as saying, "Never Doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society is proof that no truer words were ever spoken.

About the Author

Denise Carey-Costa has been a lifelong advocate for animals. She has written numerous children`s books promoting kindness and compassion for all creatures and raising awareness for the plight of unwanted animals. Denise tours with her books to schools and libraries teaching the importance of spaying and neutering your pets, adopting a shelter pet and how to report animal cruelty. Visit and all other book retailers to see books written by Denise Carey-Costa.