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Published:August 9th, 2013 10:20 EST
The Face of Evil: Did Derek Medina Believe He Was the Next George Zimmerman?

The Face of Evil: Did Derek Medina Believe He Was the Next George Zimmerman?

By John G. Kays

I`m at wits-end to try and fathom exactly what happened to Derek Medina, who shot his wife (Jennifer Alfonso) to death, then posted a pic of her crumpled body (I haven`t seen it) on his Facebook account! I had reliable news sources (Miami Herald and the Associated Press), filled with as much detail as I could stand, yet still I was totally baffled! Adding to my already bubbling over (foggy state of) consternation, was the realization of a very tardy Facebook management, who took fully 6 hours to delete the real-life homicide photo!

Alright, so the Miami Herald gives us plenty of biographical data on this crazy man, Derek Medina, and his volatile, violently charged marriage to Jennifer Alfonso, who worked as server at a Denny`s located somewhere in Miami (Actually, Jennifer`s job at Denny`s sounds a little more interesting than anything Derek might have been up to). I haven`t seen any of his trivial YouTube videos, nor have I read any of his corny paranormal ebooks; don`t intend on getting anywhere near them, either!

The only thing that Derek Medina will ever be remembered for, is shooting his wife (who`d had enough of him, and was leaving him permanently this time around, which is why he killed her), then cruelly and stupidly posting her death image on Facebook, as if he was going to get one big, final buzz of a catharsis off of this sensational act of public brutality, before he was carted off to the holiday slammer! Come to think of it, even this ballsy blooper will expire with time.

I don`t seem to be going anywhere with this contemptible story, but in my own defense, there`s nothing here worthy of careful consideration. One question I have, however, which wasn`t mentioned in the news, is what was the exact time that Medina shot Alfonso? Did he do it Thursday morning, then immediately take a photo of her crumpled body (twisted and bunched up bloody on a kitchen linoleum floor) with a handy, easy to use digital camera? Or did he do it late Wednesday night, think about it some, then begin the FB posting around 11 AM?

Well, the sequence of how the domestic row escalated to deadly violence was well documented, the address was included (a townhouse at 5555 SW 67th Ave, Miami, Fl.), but there wasn`t any mention of the timing, which is something I like to know about. I did see a photo of Derek in camouflage gear holding a pistol on The Daily Mail; did he think he was the next George Zimmerman? NBC 6 in Miami interviews a neighbor, who says that Medina patrolled the neighborhood a bit; did he believe he was protecting his neighborhood from criminals (when he was real culprit)?

August is an End-of-the-World kind of month; today`s the anniversary of Helter Skelter, so this adds fuel to the fire of my not too solid theory (Evil has control in August). Furthermore, this sick example of how social media can go South, if used by  psychopathic, mentally-ill people, is additional fodder to the steaming condition of August, when the vilest examples of human behavior can rear their homely heads in a wink of a witch`s broom (or however Shakespeare phrased it). 

Or rather, Jim Morrison wasn`t too bad at penning a line, describing the presence of Evil (see The End). As a matter of fact I listened to The End while I was penning these mostly forgettable lines; I`m currently reading The Doors by Greil Marcus and it`s really exciting! The Doors are timeless, but no one will ever remember poor, stupid, senselessly violent Derek Medina. Alright, I just cued up Riders On the Storm; is that about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, such as in Albrecht Durer`s cleverly rendered wood-carving? Derek who? How about Ray Manzarek`s undulating electric keyboard parts as worthy remembrance?