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Published:August 10th, 2013 11:29 EST

Max-Arthur the Roomba Cat & His Hot Owner Celebrate Shark Week:Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Max-Arthur, the shark costume-wearing, Roomba-riding cat has struck again.


The Internet fell in love with the Texas kitty, who wears an awesome shark hoodie, riding the robotic vacuum and chasing a duckling around his person`s kitchen.

Max-Arthur, aka CatShark is back, this time paying tribute to Shark Week while also cleaning the kitchen."


This feline is a master at multitasking: He cleans the kitchen, pays tribute to Shark Week, entertains millions, and illustrates the meaningless and absurdity of life as he wears a shark costume while spinning around the kitchen floor on a Roomba.

Cats rule the Internet and Max-Arthur is the star of this video, but a dude can`t help but notice the kitty`s owner, Helen, as she shucks corn.

I didn`t waste a second wondering why she`s wearing shades indoors; I was too busy praising the Lord that she choose to wear short shorts for this video.

Helen and Max-Arthur are adorable, and I hope there will be many more videos featuring this telegenic pair.

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