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Published:August 14th, 2013 08:19 EST
If Molly Young Committed Suicide, Then Why Didn`t She Have Any Gunshot Residue On Her Hands?

If Molly Young Committed Suicide, Then Why Didn`t She Have Any Gunshot Residue On Her Hands?

By John G. Kays

Did Molly Young commit suicide or did she die as a result of homicide? Nearly 17 months after her mysterious death (March 24, 2012), with a news conference called by Jackson County (Illinois) State`s Attorney Michael Carr on Monday, a good deal of the evidence suggests firmly Molly committed suicide, while other items contradict this conclusion. 

More of the so called experts believe in a suicide scenario, but I`m leaning in an less popular, alternative kind of direction. 

The strongest of the contrary manifestations (for me), is that Molly`s hands were free of gunshot residue; equally supporting fodder, which acts as reenforcement, is that her boyfriend, Richie Minton, didn`t have gunshot residue on his hands either, and yet he admitted to having washed his hands off (and changed his clothes) before the Carbondale Police arrived on the scene and could test him. 

It must be clarified, Molly died in Richie`s apartment, by his gun, and he was the one who reported her passing, suggesting it must have been a drug overdose (furthest from the truth).

All of that doesn`t necessarily amount to a hill of beans, and yet (oh yea!) it turns out that Richie was working for the Carbondale Police as a dispatcher at the time of this unfortunate incident. 

This would help to explain Richie`s familiarity with the 911 operator at the time of the troubling call, but it cannot explain why he seemed so calm, even more steady and nonchalant than the 911 operator herself. Okay, he was WAY TOO CALM!

Okay, so we know he was working for the police, in some capacity, but what happened to his compassion at this very moment of tragic truth, when death unexpectedly comes knocking on his door? 

And what reason did Molly Young have to kill herself; she was only 21-years-old, or maybe she was 22? And as for the suicide note left at the scene, when was it written (maybe a year ago)? And then we have a jumbled timeline, which I`m not too clear on yet.

One item that is clear, however, is that Molly purportedly shot herself between 4:45 AM and 5 AM (3/24/2012), and yet her death wasn`t phoned in for another two, two and a half hours.Why? Was Richie there when it happened, or was out and about, possibly on a drinking binge? 

He would have heard the gunshot, if he was (in fact) at home, but he said he thought it was an overdose, which would eliminate the chance he was present in his apartment when the firearm discharged, unless he`s lying and was the one doing the shooting.

Alright, so we`re also hearing Richie never got too cooperative with the cops and is currently keeping a lengthy distance; okay, so there are those who`ll say his lawyer wisely advised him to take the 5th, and yet it looks suspicious to Molly`s family, who have been suspicious right from the get go.

I was a little creeped out myself last night when seeing his mugshot (on HLN) for a DUI, scored a few months after Molly`s untimely death; we must admit it`s unrelated, but still! But maybe not? How much had Richie Minton had to drink on the night of Molly Young`s death? 

Might this explain why he faked acting absolutely ordinary, cool as a cucumber, and unfazed by her passing, when talking to a colleague at a familiar 911 station? Was he putting a bandaid on teeming intoxication?

Just saying! 2 and 2 is 4, 4 and 4 is 8, but 8 and 8 isn`t 17, partner! Did a crime scene clean-up occur before the Carbondale Police arrived that early spring day? Was a suicide scene staged? My instincts nudge me in this unsavory, toxic direction.