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Published:August 14th, 2013 16:02 EST

Oprah Winfrey Falsely Accuses Sales Clerk Of Racism: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Oprah Winfrey recounts an allegedly racist experience she had in a Zurich boutique on an interview with `Entertainment Tonight.` The sales clerk at the center of the controversy, however, denies the Queen of Talk`s version of events.


Winfrey said she asked a clerk to see a $38,000 Tom Ford bag behind a glass case, but  `she says,  No, it`s too expensive.`

She said,  `No, no, no you want to see this one because that one will cost too much,` Winfrey recounted while promoting her new film, `Lee Daniels` The Butler.`  `You won`t be able to afford that one.`"

New York Daily News

Oprah Winfrey is just miffed that the sales clerk didn`t recognize her, the talk show queen probably expected the clerk to genuflect when she entered the boutique.

Assuming Winfrey`s account of the incident is true, it`s not necessarily racism that prompted the clerk to refuse showing her the expensive purse.

Oprah is a huge woman, and the clerk didn`t want her to leave greasy fingerprints on the $38,000 Tom Ford bag. The clerk naturally assumed that the morbidly obese celeb is constantly snacking on French fries, hamburgers, and other greasy foods.

Methinks Oprah blew up the incident to promote her new film, "Lee Daniels, The Butler." Shame on you Oprah for falsely implying that the sales clerk is a racist.

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