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Published:August 16th, 2013 16:44 EST

Dog Purse Elicits Outrage In New York City

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Why carry your little dog in your purse when you can wear it as your purse?

A pet owner was recently spotted on the streets of New York with her small pup dangling from a brown and camouflage cross-body carrier. The pooch purse appeared to be some kind of harness with long straps, so the woman was able to wear it like a satchel."


New York Daily News

Paris Hilton has committed myriad sins in her life, but the outrage that will guarantee her the hottest place in hell is popularizing the trend of using tiny pooches as a fashion accessory. Do a Google image search of "Paris Hilton Chihuahua" and you will get hundreds of hits.

A dog is a person, and it`s an unpardonable sin to treat it as a prop. Man`s best friend should be walking at the side of his owner, not perched on his shoulder or cradled in his hands.

There`s a pernicious new trend that would make even Paris Hilton blush, and that`s the notion of carrying your little pooch as a purse.

Take a lot at this pic; this is what I`m taking about:

This woman is hotter than July, but she should be kicked to the curb for wearing her doggie like a satchel.

Just say no to canine abuse!

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