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Published:August 16th, 2013 10:10 EST

Dude Rides Horse into Bar and Lassoes Fellow Patron: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A resident of Scott, La., who apparently took the town`s slogan of "Where the West begins` to heart, was arrested after he allegedly rode a horse into a local bar and lassoed a patron.

Jeremy Mouton, 26, was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly taking a horse from a trailer and riding it through the Cowboy Saloon twice before lassoing a patron and pulling him through the parking lot, police said. Mouton was arrested on charges including disturbing the peace, second-degree battery and public intimidation and retaliation."

ABC News

So a man on a horse rides into a bar...

The punch line is that this isn`t a joke; a dude really rode his horse into a saloon. Is it really all that surprising that in a town with the slogan "Where the West Begins", a man would ride his horse into a bar named the "Cowboy Saloon?"

If a man rode a horse into a bar in Chicago the inebriated fool would be riddled with bullets before he could say, "Howdy Y`all."

But in the lazy small town of Scott, the bar patrons probably enjoyed the unscheduled entertainment. But the cops were none too pleased and they arrested he jokester on several charges including disturbing the peace.

Mouton will spend at least a night in jail, but the dude I feel sorry for is the one who got lassoed. He`s going to be the laughingstock of Scott for years to come.

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