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Published:August 18th, 2013 16:15 EST

OMG! Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber Song 'Slave 2 The Rhythm' Leaks Online! Listen

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A  `new` song by the late Michael Jackson featuring vocals from Justin Bieber has appeared online. Press `play` to listen to it.

Titled `Slave 2 The Rhythm`, the track surfaced yesterday (August 16) and has already had its first play on Capital FM. Jackson recorded the track before his death in June 2009 and it`s recently been updated to include guest vocals from Bieber."



Whether Michael Jackson is walking gingerly on burning embers of coal in hell or moonwalking on the streets of gold in heaven, you can bet he is burning mad at the news that a track he recorded before his untimely demise has been updated to include the vocals of Justin Bieber.

It`s an abomination, blasphemy and an unpardonable sin for a record producer to add the vocals of the court jester of pop to a track  recorded by the King of Pop.

Jackson is one of the greatest artists in the history of pop, and Justin Bieber is a YouTube freak who got lucky. Anybody who expresses admiration for this ungodly collaboration is putting his soul in danger of eternal damnation.

The Michael Jackson estate has demanded that all copies of this devilish song be taken down, but it`s too late. The song is everywhere, and Jackson fans all over the world are gnashing their teeth.

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