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Published:August 18th, 2013 12:31 EST

Woman, 99, Wins Shopping Spree at 99 Cent Only Store

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Emelia De-Four used her 99th birthday shopping spree at a Paramount, Calif., 99 Cent Only store to buy candles, napkins, plates and other household necessities.


De-Four, one of a 16-child family who grew up poor in Trinidad and Tobago, visited the 99 Cents Only Store each Sunday after church and won a 99th birthday party at the discount store that included a shopping spree, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday."


Congratulations to Emelia De-four on her 99th birthday, hopefully on her 100th birthday she will win a shopping spree to a more upscale store.

Winning a shopping spree to a 99 Cent Only store is like winning a dinner to a Chinese buffet restaurant that has been condemned by the health department.

The old woman filled up her shopping cart with household items and 20 religious candles, she prays for her 11 children three hours every day.

I have a feeling she`s not going to live to see her 100th birthday, her house will catch on fire before then.

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