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Published:August 18th, 2013 12:03 EST

Would You Buy 'Carlos Danger' Brand Of Weiners? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Anthony Weiner may be lagging in the race for New York City mayor, but he is winning in another area -- hot dog marketing.


The  delicious combination of Anthony Weiner`s name and his sexually suggestive Twitter antics were apparently too good to pass up for one Florida marketing man, who has joined forces with an Illinois hot dog company to create a hot dog brand called Carlos Danger Weiners, which he has incorporated into the company Carlos Danger LLC."

ABC News

The Carlos Danger Weiners aren`t cheap, selling at $4 for a four-pack.

The specialty dogs are about twice the size of regular hot dogs; do they come wrapped in condoms?

I think I`ll pass on the Weiner hot dogs, it hard to build up an appetite for a food product that`s associated with such an unsavory character. Hot dogs are connected with baseball and pure and innocent pleasures, why ruin such an iconic food by linking it with a sleazy politician sexting a brainless whore?

The Carlos Danger wieners have a short shelf life, this novelty item will by selling at 40 cents for a four-pack by the end of the year.

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