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Published:August 19th, 2013 17:15 EST

Zombies Invade Vancouver Streets! Video! Zombie Apocalypse!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Some people in downtown Vancouver got a bit of a scare at an annual zombie parade this weekend,  but it wasn`t the gory-makeup or calls for `brains` that had them and authorities concerned.


Vancouver`s annual Zombie Walk, first held back in 2005, has now grown into an event that attracts thousands of zombie enthusiasts to the city`s downtown core.

Translink`s Transit Police said that on Saturday afternoon they received numerous calls from concerned citizens who thought that some undead-looking travellers headed downtown on the SkyTrain were carrying weapons. "

Huffington Post

I used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I`ve seen plenty of thugs riding the BART subway trains. I`m sure some of them were carrying real weapons, but as long as they weren`t looking in my direction they quickly melted into the scenery.

When you live in a big city you see many strange and troubling sights, and if you are wise you will keep quiet.

The SkyTrain passengers were afraid of "zombies" brandishing plastic toy guns. They didn`t bat an eye at the gory-makeup, but they got their panties in bunch at the sight of the toy guns.

Don`t Canadians watch any zombie movies? Zombies never carry guns; they just chew up the scenery with their outstretched arms, looking for brains to munch on.

If I saw zombies on a subway train, and they weren`t packing heat, I would scream like a schoolgirl, and run for my life.

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