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Published:August 20th, 2013 08:06 EST
Dunwoody Widow Andrea Sneiderman Guilty on 9 of 13 Felony Charges; How Much Jail Time Will She Do?

Dunwoody Widow Andrea Sneiderman Guilty on 9 of 13 Felony Charges; How Much Jail Time Will She Do?

By John G. Kays

Yesterday Andrea Sneiderman was found guilty on 9 of 13 felony charges; they got her on perjury primarily. Her sentencing will come today (Tuesday, August 20, 2013); the fact that the DeKalb prosecutors got a conviction (at all) tells us they were smart in dropping the murder charges (they didn`t overcharge, which probably would have rendered a not-guilty verdict). 

The Dunwoody Black Widow brazenly lied on the witness stand in Hemy Neuman`s trial and she lied to police shortly after her husband Rusty Sneiderman was shot dead. They got her!

Andrea was probably the mastermind behind her husband`s murder; she was probably the one who manipulated a mentally ill Hemy Neuman to do it, promising him love and affection and knowing all along she would have to set him up Big Time, once she collected on Rusty`s sizable life insurance policy. 

It makes us feel better knowing that Andrea will actually do some real jail time; most of us, however will psych ourselves into believing the dame is doing hard time for murder, not just for lying. Her underlying motive was GREED

I ran into an ABC 20-20 Sneiderman case summary special (Dunwoody Day Care Murder) on my Imac this morning that really hit the spot. Okay, so I`m a little jealous, since ABC did something I`d like to do; that is, they went back to the beginning (November 18, 2010) and before, bringing you all the way through the timeline of shocking events that makes this one of the most sensational cases to come down the pike in a very long time (by way of American jurisprudence). 

That reminds me, I had to pick up a copy of Double Indemnity at Barnes and Nobles a few weeks back, seeing startling similarities between the movie and the Dunwoody saga of homicidal intrigue.

 Check it out for yourself, if you don`t believe me; the spirit of Raymond Chandler himself must have perked up when this tale emanating from a wealthy Atlanta suburb first hit the news wire. Much has changed in the way of technologies (since the 1940s), yet some things remain the same. Human nature is at times flawed, especially when Cupid`s deadly arrows make their mark. 

The story behind a high ranking General Electric executive, motivating himself to stalk his mistress`s husband, then actually shooting him in a preschool parking lot (in front of children and eye-witnesses), cannot easily be explained, no matter which way you shake the high ball decanter.

The best they could do is say Hemy went insane (I`m not buying this version, but it`s certainly worth taking a close look at) and Andrea saw opportunity knocking on her door. A permutation of this twisted tale is most likely what really happened. 

Hemy started off mostly with all his marbles, but gradually came unhinged, such as when Rusty caught him snooping around in the backyard of the gigantic Sneiderman mansion. On the other hand, Andrea remained cool and detached the entire time, as she observed Hemy`s weaknesses and his character flaws; this is the chilliest part of it all. 

 Another thing that`s chilly, is that this is all playing out psychologically; we can never know exactly how the pieces of the murder plot (along with actually making it a reality) fell into place, yet we`re witness to the parameters wafting from a plethora of electronic and eye-witness evidence. That is, we can fill in the details on our own with lines and color, if maybe our imaginations are as big as the late but great crime fiction writer, Raymond Chandler.

Big shot falls for a dame. Dame uses the chump to get at a pot of gold. Then sets the chump up so she can have the dough all to herself. But, in the end, both are foiled, both end up in the Big House for what (at the time) looked like a perfect crime, but wasn`t even close. Just stare at that huge Dunwoody (the Beverly Hills of Atlanta) home. It tells you everything you need to know and maybe then some.

ABC 20-20 Dunwoody Day Care Murder