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Published:August 20th, 2013 11:16 EST

White College Baseball Player Christopher Lane Murdered By 3 Black Teens For 'Fun Of It'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"THE images of three youths police say murdered Melbourne baseballer Christopher Lane have emerged.


The Oklahoma teens who face first-degree murder charges have been named as Chancey Luna, James Edwards and Michael Jones.

Earlier today, former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer has urged Australian tourists to boycott the US in the wake of the shooting murder of the Melbourne baseball star."

Herald Sun

Christopher Lane, 22, was randomly shot in the back while jogging through the town of Duncan in Oklahoma, and left to die.

The promising young athlete was targeted by the three black teenagers simply because they "wanted to see someone die."

The murderers were arrested by the police in the nick of time; they were planning on killing someone else for the "fun of it."

Whenever an African American is killed by the cops or by a white person it makes the headlines, and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton immediately jump into the mix with their hysterical cries of racism and police brutality.

In the George Zimmerman case, the media and civil rights agitators incorrectly referred to Latino Zimmerman as a white or a white Hispanic so that the incident would fit into their narrative that blacks are the victims of societal and institutionalized racism.

But when a black person kills another black individual or a person of a different race it almost never makes the news.

Blacks aren`t inherently more violent than everybody else, but for whatever reasons they commit crimes way out of proportion to their numbers.

Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Why aren`t they screaming that Christopher Lane`s civil rights have been violated?

It`s time that journalists stop trying to be politically correct, and do their due diligence and report on the epidemic of crime in the black community.

Media: Report the facts! Stop sensationalizing only the murders of blacks by whites!

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