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Published:August 21st, 2013 08:12 EST
Why Did Christopher Pariseleti Commit Suicide at Olivia Newton-John`s Jupiter Inlet Colony Home?

Why Did Christopher Pariseleti Commit Suicide at Olivia Newton-John`s Jupiter Inlet Colony Home?

By John G. Kays

Why did Christopher Pariseleti commit suicide at Olivia Newton-John`s charming Miami home (Jupiter Inlet Colony)? Pariseleti, president of his own construction company, must have shot himself at the celebrity`s home a little before noon on Monday, August 19th. Someone saw a contractor crying at Olivia`s home; but who saw the man crying? Was the man, apparently gripped by some sort of personal crisis or tragedy, one and the same, this Christopher Pariseleti? 

And where was Olivia Newton-John at the time of this troubling incident, which the Jupiter police were investigating as crime (until they could confirm it was a suicide)? Is Olivia a magnet for unfortunate incidents (just asking)? This is probably just another random coincident, but still you have to wonder, if you lean in a superstitious/paranormal direction. E Online has summed up some of these `bumps in the road` encountered by ONJ, but I just thought of another one which I`ll mention at this time.

That is, Hemy Neuman (convicted of executing Rusty Sneiderman in Dunwoody) claims he was hearing the music of Olivia Newton-John, that was sort of coaxing him to do the deadly deed. The defense claimed he was off his rocker, but still you wonder how or why he managed to come up with Olivia as his demon-siren, when her persona is so innocent and wholesome. It doesn`t add up, but then again this imbroglio with a construction worker doesn`t figure either.

Is it conceivable Pariseleti committed Hari Kari at ONJ`s house, simply to call attention to himself; using her international celebrity status to bolster the unsavory event he knew was about to happen? Perhaps I watch too many of these paranormal movies. The most recent one I saw was The Conjuring, which really scared the dickens out of me, but this can`t hardly compare to what ONJ must feel. Not even close! 

Yet when I saw the sunny white, resort house (with the usual breezy greenery of palm trees) with yellow crime tape draped about it, and heard ONJ`s name mentioned, my hair stood up on end, a sweeping deja vu came over me. Gossip news has been hammering hard Patrick McDermott`s (ONJ`s boyfriend starting in 1995) mysterious disappearance (in 2005) with a vengeance for some time. Nevertheless, it`s very strange, what with the suggestion Patrick may have faked his own death in order to avoid having to pay child support to his ex-wife, actress Yvette Nipar. 

Indeed very odd; and yet I`d prefer to keep the Pariseleti suicide (which is equally weird) in an incubator, I mean isolated. These unfortunate events are unrelated, the voice of reason is telling us; ONJ doesn`t have a curse on her, does she? Well, I let the Black Cat out of its hideous bag, so we can all feel better for a spell. This morning I reviewed ONJ`s life and career, taking a gander at her Wikipedia entry, as well as watching some stellar footage from Grease on YouTube. Most of this is positive ions, when looking at the bigger picture of her life.

Back to the topic at hand (if that`s possible); Let`s Get Physical or Have You Never Been Mellow (my favorite of her songs) has nothing to do with the 7,429 square-foot mansion in Jupiter Inlet Colony, Miami, Florida, we need to remind ourselves. Moreover, Rosie O`Donnell has nothing to do with this one-off tragedy of suicide, even though we`re hearing rumors she wanted to buy the house. There`s a good chance she`ll get cold feet now that this situation has taken on such developments. ONJ may have to stay there for now, with this unfortunate presence hovering over her resort-like abode, possibly haunted by a recent event.