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Published:August 23rd, 2013 10:50 EST

PETA: Carlos Danger Weiners May Cause Impotence! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The animal rights group (PETA) has just sent a letter to Carlos Danger Weiners` president, Randall Richards, calling for him to offer a veggie dog in addition to his beefy product.


PETA`s senior VP of campaigns, Dan Matthews, said, "Playing on the double entendre of Anthony Weiner`s name to sell a product that can contribute to impotence in men is like selling an energy drink that puts you to sleep.`

That statement alludes to the fact that a diet high in animal products has been linked to various health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, of which impotence can be a side effect."

Miami New Times

I don`t blame PETA for jumping on the bandwagon and exploiting the Anthony Weiner scandal to advance their noble cause of animal rights.

There is nothing dishonorable or unsavory about taking advantage of a politician`s self-induced downfall, witness my many Weiner articles. Weiner will soon disappear from the political landscape, might as well squeeze as much juice from the dirtbag while we can.

However, I would argue that there`s precious little difference between a regular hot dog and a veggie dog. The typical dog is chock full of meat by-products, but almost no meat.

How ironic and sad if it`s really true that a hot dog, that bears a striking resemblance to a man`s junk, really causes impotence. Say it ain`t true!

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