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Published:August 24th, 2013 18:10 EST

'Pavlov Poke' App Delivers Shock To Losers Who Spend Too Much Time On Facebook

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Developed by MIT students Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff, the "Pavlov Poke` monitors your computer usage and actually delivers a shock to your wrist through the keyboard rest if it finds that you`re online too much.


The pair estimates they once spent as much as 50 hours a week on Facebook, and developed the device as a way to cut back."

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This certainly gives a new definition to "poking a friend on Facebook"...

This app doesn`t just work on Facebook, it monitors usage and if you spend too much time on any website it will give you a mild shock.

If you spend way too much time on BigBoobBimbos.Com you will get a shock, not that I think it would dissuade any horndog from getting his freak on.

I don`t have any problems with friends spending too much time on Facebook; it`s my pals who share too much on social media who really creep me out.

How about an app that will give a super strong shock to those who don`t know the meaning of TMI?

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