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Published:August 24th, 2013 12:26 EST

Robert Paul Reyes Told It LIke It Is In Regard To Murder Of Delbert Belton

By SOP newswire3

Mr. Robert Paul Reyes:
Thank you for saying what few journalists are willing to say these days:  the truth.  WTF is wrong with today`s journalists and bloggers?  I am a senior citizen who came of age in the tumultuous "60`s.  It seemed in those days you could trust the best TV and print journalists to present a non-biased news story, one that would give the reader the information and allow him/her to draw their own conclusions.  A perfect example would be Walter Cronkite, aka The Most Trusted Man in America ".  Much to my surprise, it wasn`t until long after he retired, that I learned that he was a screaming liberal.  Nevertheless, while he was broadcasting, you really could not tell which side of the news he was on.  That, my friend, is real honest-to-goodness journalism, something that is sorely lacking today.  Thank you for the truth, Mr Reyes.  Thank you for believing that your readers deserve the entire story so that we can make our own educated decisions.  Thank you for not kow tow`ing to the gods of political correctness.   
You, Mr. Reyes, have told it like it is with regard to the heinous murder of Delbert Belton.  The suspects are black!!!  Good God, that fact would be a most salient point for police identification and, one would think, an absolute truism for reporting the story.  What is wrong with telling the absolute truth when reporting a story?  At what point in my 67 year old developmental cycle did it become necessary for me to have my information censored?  Why didn`t anybody tell me that I could no longer handle the truth "?  And finally.......just who is it that is making these types of decisions for me???
Simply put, political correctness equates to cowardice, pure and simple.  Rather than risk one`s reputation on the truth, today`s journalists would rather take the safe (and politically correct) path leading to boring commonplace uninspired journalistic results, where every news story reads the same and nobody ever really gets the level of insight that good reporting has historically given.
You know, there`s not much good to say about getting old, but at least my bullshit meter keeps getting better.
Keep the faith and keep telling the truth,
Frank B.