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Published:August 28th, 2013 11:24 EST

Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Performance Decadent, Desperate & Unsexy

By Robert Paul Reyes


Sex and pop music are inextricably intertwined, from Elvis Presley thrusting his pelvis, to a young Madonna writhing on the floor in a wedding dress singing Like a Virgin, to Katy Perry vamping it up in her silly but sexy costumes.


There isn`t a woman alive who wasn`t turned on by Elvis, and there isn`t a man alive who wasn`t turned on by the vintage Madonna and Katy Perry.

But I doubt there`s any person of any gender or sexual orientation who got hot and bothered watching Miley Cyrus` decadent and disturbing VMA performance.

When a beautiful woman slyly wets her lips with her tongue it`s terribly seductive, but when Miley flicked her freakishly long tongue I fought the urge to hurl.

When a lovely lady tries out a new and interesting hairdo she garners a lot of smiles, but Miley`s hair-twist devil`s horns elicited grimaces.

When a sophisticated and sexy woman strikes a pose she stirs up passions, but when the raunchy and desperate Miley twerked her butt in the air she reminded me of a cat in heat.

When a cute chick gives me a come hither smile my heart melts, but when I saw Miley`s maniacal grin I wanted to cut off my manhood.

In short there was absolutely nothing sexy about Miley`s performance. Girlfriend if you are trying for sexy, go to a strip club and check out how the pros work it.

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