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Published:August 28th, 2013 12:31 EST

Miley Cyrus Tweets Booty Pics: Video! Have Mercy Girlfriend!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"While talking heads are still busy clucking about Miley Cyrus` wild MTV Video Music Awards performance of Sunday night, the star is moving on.


And, as she would say, she can`t stop.

She began tweeting new photos of herself in provocative poses, all showing her backside."

USA Today

Miley showcased her twerking, twitching butt on the MTV Video Music Awards, but I wasn`t particularly impressed. Her backside was remarkably flat, and it didn`t have much bounce to the ounce.

Robin Thicke didn`t seem to be overwhelmed by Miley`s rump, he seemed oblivious to her twerking a**.

But homegirl seems to think that we just can`t get enough of her booty, she`s been busy tweeting pics of her posterior.

Enough already! Miley can`t sing, dance and her booty don`t pop.

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