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Published:August 29th, 2013 08:21 EST
What Was Christopher Ducret Up To at the Shops at Starwood in Frisco, Texas at 1 in the Morning?

What Was Christopher Ducret Up To at the Shops at Starwood in Frisco, Texas at 1 in the Morning?

By John G. Kays

The shooting by Christopher Ducret (who has a permit to legally carry a concealed handgun) of an unidentified man (who was apparently in some kind of row with another unidentified woman), in the parking lot of an exclusive shopping center, Shops at Starwood (Frisco, Texas), is on the surface, an innocuous one column story on the metro-crime-beat section of your local newspaper. Not too much of a big deal, until we start snooping around, looking for answers to some harder biting questions.

Okay, so now it`s expanded into a two column story (it`s still local and it`s still a metro-beat piece, but it`s getting a bit more tangled up), so my first question is, what were these people doing at this high-end strip mall at 1 in the morning (as Friday slides into Saturday, August 24, 2013)? And why was Mister Ducret there also? Surely, none of the stores could have been opened. What were these people up to? Is there a bar there at Starwood?

Did the altercation between the couple occur outside of their car? How did Ducret come upon the scene? What`s the progression of events that eventually led to him to shoot  the male involved in this so called altercation? Did it happen over 5 minutes time? 10 minutes? Perhaps 15? Did he have his gun on him when approaching the arguing couple? Or did he have to return to his car and fetch the weapon? What kind of gun is it?

We notice from the microscopic piece in The Dallas Morning News, that the man who was shot was taken to the Medical Center of Plano and will probably survive, but we don`t know yet, where he was shot and we don`t know the caliber of the bullet fired by Ducet. Actually, we know pretty close to nothing about what happened in the wee hours last Friday night, at this nowheresville Frisco shopping center. Somebody clamming up?

First off, we immediately are suspicious that Christopher Ducret may have known either the woman or the man, or perhaps he knew both of them. I repeat, why did he approach them? Were they possibly yelling at one another loudly, and he feared impending violence? You probably have the same thought I`m having, but did he see himself as some sort of George Zimmerman character, with the crazy idea he was a protector of the neighborhood? Can`t be a repeat, can it?

Naturally enough, the dicey controversy over people having a permit to carry concealed handguns is going to pop up, and rightfully so. In fact, MintPress News is running a piece now (Can Gun Carriers Be `Good Samaritans,` Too? By Katie Rucke, August 27, 2013) which provides a good argument for the inherent flaws in these freelance vigilantes (supposedly clear-minded, ordinary citizens) preventing tragedies, such as the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Does Ducret fit the mold?

Once again, at this point, we have next to nothing in the way of biographical data on Christopher Ducret. We know he`s 40-years-old and that he`s driving around legitimately and all with a hidden handgun, but we don`t know where he works or what type of education he has, or whether he was or is married, or whether he has any children of his own; we`re at Point Zilch as far as biography goes. 

I suspect that will change in a nanosecond as this thrilling saga of a luxurious shopping strip (in pristine Frisco, Tx)`Good Samaritan` shooting morphs from a local to a national status. It`s up to Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex reporters to scoop this, but maybe I`m putting a small fire underneath the scrimping scriveners?