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Published:August 30th, 2013 09:59 EST

Miley Cyrus' Next Step In Her Devolution: Adult Movie? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes


Miley Cyrus has been on a years-long crusade to break free from her Hannah Montana character. The former child star has suffered several "accidental"  wardrobe malfunctions, posted raunchy pics on the Internet, and was filmed taking a hit from a huge bong.


But too many clueless parents still thought of Miley as a Disney princess, and they continued to buy her CD`s for their impressionable young daughters.

After the pop tart`s obscene performance at the MTV VMA`s everyone now realizes that Miley is a spawn of Satan. Hello! Her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus; she was predestined to wreak havoc on Earth.

Now that Miley has exposed herself as one of the most scandalous wenches in the entertainment business, what`s her next move?

Two words: Porn video!

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian became superstars by releasing home-made sex videos on the Internet. Miley can take her fame to the next level by making a professional adult movie. Miley is a shameless exhibitionist, and this would be right up her alley. Adult movies have really annoying soundtracks; the pop singer`s vapid songs would be perfect for her X-rated flick.

Miley sucks as an actress and a singer, maybe her real talent is in the world of adult entertainment.

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