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Published:August 30th, 2013 10:22 EST

Sisters Find 260K In Dead Brother's Couch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"French police said three sisters brought in $206,301 they found stashed in their deceased brother`s couch.


Police said the sisters traveled from Algeria to clear out the Montpellier apartment that belonged to their brother, who died in early August at the age of 61, Radio France Internationale reported Thursday."


I`ve never found more than two bits in my couch, or in anybody else`s couch...

A satanic impulse must have motivated the sisters to turn in God`s gift to the cops. The police in France, like cops all over the world, make enough money from bribes; they don`t need foolish citizens freely handing over money to them.

If my brother died and I found that much loot stashed in his sofa, I would curse him for not sharing with me, I would praise God for his bounty, and the cops wouldn`t be in my thoughts.

Police believe that the brother accumulated his stash by illegally collecting on his dead father`s pension in the years following his death.

Moral of this story: Finder`s keepers

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