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Published:August 31st, 2013 10:23 EST

96-Year-Old Man's Song for Late Wife Goes Viral: 'Oh Sweet Lorraine' Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Fred Stobaugh, whose wife Lorraine died in April, has no previous musical experience and wrote the song on a whim for a competition.


He submitted his handwritten lyrics by post and, although the contest was online-only, the organisers were so moved they put the words to music.

Oh Sweet Lorraine is number seven on US iTunes and has 1.9m YouTube views."


The Billboard Charts are replete with pop and rap songs that are odes to lust and wanton sex, but there`s one song written by a 96-year-old non-singer that speaks of pure unadulterated love.

Stobaugh met the love of his live in 1938, and more than seven decades later his late wife is still the love of his life.

Stobaugh is old school, he doesn`t text or surf the Web, but thank goodness he responded to this online contest via snail mail. I`m surprised the old codger didn`t submit his entry via carrier pigeon.

"Oh Sweet Lorraine" is an antidote to the debauchery exemplified by twerking, tongue-flicking Miley Cyrus.

Love, sweet love...

Have a Kleenex ready as you watch this video:

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