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Published:September 2nd, 2013 14:55 EST

Norm Lopez The Cat: 26 Pounds Of Love! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"One attendee joked there should be a self-help book called "The Zen of Norm.`

`Norm just lays there and lets everyone pet him,` said Sacramento resident Missy McVittie, one of the roughly 100 people who turned out Saturday for a pub crawl in honor of the city`s most famous feline. `He doesn`t care if you`re human, dog, cat, it`s just: `Pet me, love me, here I am.` "


Sacramento Bee

Norm Lopez is the most beloved cat in Sacramento; his owner Tyler Lopez hosted "Friends of Norm" barbecues in her front yard to allow her friends and neighbors an opportunity to pet and love on the cute kitty.

But thanks to Norm`s Facebook page his popularity has soared so much that this year she hosted a pub crawl to accommodate the feline`s growing fan base.

Norm weighs 26 pounds, but hopefully he will shed a few pounds so that he will live a long a healthy life.

Norm has touched hundreds of lives with his friendly disposition and his cuteness factor.

It doesn`t matter if you aren`t wealthy, talented or beautiful; you too can touch lives simply by being loving and loveable like Norm Lopez.

Stop being such a sourpuss and chill and be a blessing to others.

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