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Published:September 9th, 2013 00:57 EST

Is Diana Nyad The Rosie Ruiz Of Marathon Swimming? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Diana Nyad`s 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida has generated positive publicity and adoration for the 64-year-old endurance athlete " along with skepticism from some members of the small community of marathon swimmers who are questioning whether she accomplished the feat honestly.


On social media and the online Marathon Swimmers Forum, long-distance swimmers have been debating whether Nyad got a boost from the boat that was accompanying her " either by getting in it or holding onto it " during a particularly speedy stretch of her swim."

USA Today

Rosie Ruiz was declared the winner of the 1980 Boston Marathon, but it was later discovered that Ruiz had dropped out of the race, hopped on a subway, got off about a mile from the finish line, and ran in to "victory" from there.

Ruiz` fraud was quickly discovered, how long will it be before Nyad`s claim to her historic swim is debunked?

It`s not just elite marathon swimmers who are questioning whether Nyad accomplished her feat honestly. Common folks with common sense seriously doubt that a 64-year-old woman could swim the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida without cheating.

Is Nyad the Rosie Ruiz of marathon swimming? Did she hold on to a boat, or even take a siesta on the vessel?

We will never know, because her 25-member team has too much invested in promoting the narrative of a 64-year-old woman making history.

Journalists, whose default mode should be skepticism, shouldn`t take Nyad`s word that she completed her miraculous swim without cheating.

Nyad should have made the swim by herself: Swim or sink. In my mind Nyad`s historic feat will always be suspect, and her record should always be noted by an asterisk.

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