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Published:September 8th, 2013 11:11 EST

Italian Dog Rides Bus Every Day Without Help From Owner

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Italian dog has garnered attention for his ability to navigate the city`s bus system without the help of his owner.


Commuters in Genoa say Camillo began traveling on city buses as a pup. Now 12, the veteran traveler has learned which stops allow him to patronize stores where workers feed him ham and biscuits."


My pooch, Mandy chases buses, but she doesn`t have the brains to travel by bus. Mandy doesn`t need to ride the bus in search for treats anyway; I always share my dinner with her.

Camillo is a smart cookie and he doesn`t need a GPS device to plot out a route, he relies on sensory information -- yummy smells and familiar sights -- as cues to get on and off the bus.

The driver never asks Camillo for his fare, his ticket to ride is his smile and his wagging tail.

This canine brings a lot of smiles to people as he makes his daily rounds, how many lives do you touch on a regular basis?

Camillo always returns home by the end of the day, it must be love and not just food that he gets from his lucky owner.

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