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Published:September 9th, 2013 11:01 EST
Japanese Robot   Kirobo Utters the First Words in Space

Japanese Robot Kirobo Utters the First Words in Space

By Ron G Anselm

If Robot and Human Interaction becomes a new Social Protocol in the future then imagine the endless possibilities when it comes to technology, communication and companionship (Anselm, R.)

I admit my above thesis statement sounds a little out there but if you think about it, is the meaning of my thesis statement really off the wall when it comes to future space technology and what science is bringing to the table? Not at all.

Japan and science is bringing it when it comes to space exploration and the International Space Station where a little wee robot name Kirobo was launched to help scientists study robot/human interaction when it comes to long space voyages in the future.

Kirobo only speaks Japanese and stands a whopping thirteen inches tall. Now, that sort of freaks me out because it takes me back to the Chucky character where that character talked and stood about the same height. (And No, not John Gruden, the Monday Night football analyst who also earned that nickname because he looks sort of like a giant version of Chucky) but the robot itself.

No, this is science and high-technology science not horror movies and this is something that could turn out to be a valuable asset when it comes to space exploration and who knows what else if we learn to communicate and have actual meaningful conversations with robots. Heck, it may even turn out that these robots could also be female robots. (Not that I would ever date a robot) but when it comes to science and today`s technology and the out of the box thinking approach anything I guess is possible.

Little Kirobo`s mouth lights up as it delivers the message and of course in Japanese. The message Kirobo spoke was an echo from the famous saying of Neil Armstrong, One Small Step for Mankind. Well in Kirobo case he said, One Small Step for Robot kind.  Gee, I hope these things are mass produced and suddenly our planet looks like a scene from some sci-fi movie.

The Kirobo project was developed by the Research Center for Advance Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, the Toyota Motor Corporation, Robot Garage and Dentsu Incorporated. Kirobo actually uttered the words, A robot took one small step towards a brighter future for all when he spoke on August 21 aboard the International Space Station. Kirobo`s name comes from a mash-up word, robot and Kibo which means hope in Japanese and the name is also the name of Japan`s research laboratory module aboard the space station.

Japan is planning on sending an astronaut names Koichi Wakata to the International Space station sometime this November where the astronaut will converse with Kirobo in space. Wakata will also at the same time take command of the space station when he arrives.

This will mark a historic milestone for space exploration because it will mark the first time in history a human has actually converse with a robot. Maybe they can also put on boxing gloves and play a scene from the old game Rockem, Sockem Robots and then it could be the first time a human has gone rounds with a robot in space. (Just a thought)

Anyway, I think this is cool and is really a mark in history for technological advancements. With the many studies on this that will more than likely happen in the future and will step from this upcoming first encounter between robots and humans will come a huge stem of other technological advancements that could prove to become a forever bond between robot technology and humans.

Some of Kirobo`s technological capabilities include, voice recognition, natural language processing, facial recognition, a camera and emotion recognition and in addition Kirobo also has family on Earth. There is another robot named Mirata that is the twin robot to Kirobo here on our planet that is designed to help engineers troubleshoot any possible malfunctions with Kirobo that could or may happen to Kirobo while in space. Forget the twin robot, Wow! Cool Dude! Kirobo`s technological capabilities to me are extremely humanlike. I love it!

So, the next time you break-up with your girlfriend and like me (in the past) go through girlfriends like going through cheap pairs of socks, don`t go out to your local bar to try to find girlfriend number fifty-two, just wait, the next article you may be reading is about a new robot dating service where you can find your perfect robot match and not have to worry about buying her (it, I mean the robot) flowers or expensive nine course dinners. Just get a can of WD-40 and you are all set. (In a matter of speaking)


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