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Published:September 13th, 2013 22:51 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Dr. Robin Smith, Author of The Healing Cell

Judyth Piazza interviews Dr. Robin Smith, Author of The Healing Cell

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

"I pray that your commitment to adult stem cell research will bring great blessings for the future of man and genuine enrichment to his culture. To you, your families and your collaborators, as well as all patients who stand to benefit from your generous expertise and results of your work, I gladly impart my Apostolic Blessing" - Pope Benedict XVI, The Healing Cell 

Authored by Dr. Robin Smith, Monsignor Tomasz and Dr. Max Gomez, The Healing Cell (Center Street/Hachette Book Group) offers a clear-eyed view on the most significant medical revolution of our lifetime - the ability of adult stem cells to repair damaged hearts, restore sight, cure diabetes, heal burns, and stop the march of such degenerative diseases as Alzheimer`s, multiple sclerosis, and Lou Gehrig`s disease. The book is the result of a unique collaboration between the Vatican`s Pontifical Council for Culture and the Stem for Life Foundation, and includes a special address by His Holiness Benedict XVI, urging increased support and awareness for advancements in adult stem cell research. 

At 49-years-old Donald Carlotti (book name) had advanced heart disease and needed a heart transplant. One day, with the clock ticking, he rushed to the hospital when he experienced severe chest pains and was unable to breathe. "They told me to bring my family in because blood flow was almost nothing and it didn`t look good." Donald Carlotti was lucky to find his way into a unique clinical trial. During open-heart bypass surgery, his own adult stem cells were extracted from his body and injected into the damaged regions of his heart, where these `healing cells` began to repair his heart muscle. After just 6 months, the blood flow in Donald`s heart had improved by nearly 50%, and instead of getting a transplanted heart from another person that his body might reject, he simply repaired the heart he already had and returned to a normal, active lifestyle. "I think I`ll be around for a while... I`ll watch my kids grow up." 

In The Healing Cell, Donald`s story is hardly unique. Throughout the pages of this easy-to-read and educational book, numerous patients tell their own dramatic stories - about how their doctors used their own adult stem cells to grow cells, repair damaged tissue and replace organs, and vanquish dangerous diseases and medical conditions. 

The book arrives at a unique moment in time and will help end the long-simmering dispute over embryonic stem cell research. Indeed, in late 2012, Sir John Gurdon and Dr. Shinya Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize in Psysiology or Medicine for demonstrating that skin cells can actually be `reprogrammed` to adult stem cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) similar to their embryonic state. These cells can give rise to all the different cell types of the body and be an invaluable tool leading to remarkable progress in the development of medical therapies in many areas of medicine. 

"The argument over embryonic stem cells has divided our nation, and indeed much of the world," says Dr. Robin Smith, co-author of this book, President of The Stem for Life Foundation and CEO of NeoStem, Inc. "But this book casts a clear light on where the real promise lies for hundreds of millions of people - adult stem cell therapies." 


The Healing Cell: How the Greatest Medical Revolution in History is Changing Your Life

Authors: Dr. Robin Smith, Monsignor Tomasz Trafny, Dr. Max Gomez

Available: April 2, 2013; Center Street; 256 Pages

Hardcover: 978-1-4555-7292-2; $24.99/$27.99 Canada

Audio: 978-1-4789-7893-0; $24.98/$27.98 in Canada

eBook; 978-1-4555-7294-6; $11/99