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Published:September 13th, 2013 21:52 EST
Save Russia`s Forest from Reckless Destruction

Save Russia`s Forest from Reckless Destruction

By Ernest Dempsey

Dear Editor,

The corrupt deputies of Parliament of the Russian Federation in State Duma are going to enact a law, which will sharply accelerate a global ecological disaster. It will concern all inhabitants of our planet. Europe will start choking, first of all; and lowlands will be flooded as a result of the greenhouse effect.

In October 2013, the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation plan to adopt the Law which will allow selling the territory of National Parks for building, for agriculture, for rent to Chinese, etc., after forest fires, instead of restoration of the reserved forests after fires (according to the former law)! It is a very favorable way of enormous enrichment for the mafia system existing in the modern Russian Federation, which consists of the corrupt government officials, deputies, the staff of judicial, and law-enforcement systems.

This new law will lead to the catastrophic growth of number of deliberate arsons of the forests (on the territory of the National Parks) in the Russian Federation!

Following is the message from the Greenpeace of Russia:

The practice of deliberate forest arsons by `shadow woodcutters` (for concealment of illegal deforestation) has been very widespread in recent years in the Russian Federation because of total corruption of law-enforcement system and impunity. A million hectares of forests was being burnt every summer in Russia (2009 " 20012, and June 2013). Millions of forest`s animals were being burnt alive every summer:

Only August 2013 was an exception because of anomalous rains and floods). The corrupted State Duma of RF and the populist Government of the Russian Federation ignores all petitions of the civilized Russian public and the Russian ecologists:

They react only to statements of foreign politicians. Therefore we address to the international public! You can help us to rescue the Forests and Wild Animals from Extermination, if you also will write letters and petitions to WWF, to EU, European Parliament, to the Council of Europe, to the President of RF: 

The Russian forests " lungs of our planet, as the forests of Africa and South America.
Rescue of the forests - rescue of the future of all inhabitants of our planet.  



Mikhail  Novikov

The President of the Russian Society for Protection of Animals,
The President of the Nobility Assembly of Saint-Petersburg