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Published:September 14th, 2013 12:08 EST

Dish Plate Made To Look Like Flying Saucer: For The UFO Nut In Your Life!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"What some are calling the most effective tool ever designed for combating picky eaters and the most dangerous toy you could ever hand a child (ok, just us), these adorable porcelain soup plates are detailed in platinum to look like retro UFOs when flipped over.


At $32 a pop and highly breakable, they`re ironically the last piece of dishware you`ll want your children to think they can play with. So maybe they should only show up on the wish lists of those who are kids at heart, but still responsible enough to not send these flying across the room."


These plates are designed to look like flying saucers when flipped over. Not a bright idea, small children will flip over the plates piled high with food to examine the cool UFO.

At $32 a pop they aren`t cheap; I`d rather buy a Frisbee and tell a kid: Go play with this flying saucer and get out of my hair.

But it`s not tots turning over the flying saucer plates we should worry about; I can imagine frat boys tossing dozens of these plates from their dorm rooms sparking a UFO invasion panic.

If you`re a UFO nut and you love all things UFO, here`s a link to the site where you can buy a flying saucer plate.

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