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Published:September 16th, 2013 14:11 EST

Nice Couple Have Zombie-Themed Wedding: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Indiana couple said they got a little bloody when they decided to have a zombie-themed wedding during Muncie`s Zombie Walk.


Abby Riggs shuffled down the aisle Saturday with blood dripping down her chin and grime tarnishing her once-pristine, white wedding dress.

Groom Thomas Ehmer said they had long been interested in zombies and wanted to do something a little different when they tied the knot on the Ball State University Quad."


The Zombie Apocalypse is on the horizon, it`s perfectly rational for this young couple to get with the program and have a zombie-themed wedding.

In fact it`s absolutely nuts for a couple to plunk down tens of thousands for a conventional wedding, and pretend that they are embarking on a new life together in a sane and rational world.

There`s something rotten not only in Denmark, but in every major city and small town in the world. This crazy-in-love couple aren`t weirdos or publicity whores; they are normal citizens living in an insane age.

The sky is purple, there are people running everywhere, it`s a perfect day for a zombie wedding.


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