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Published:September 18th, 2013 08:10 EST
Why Was Ayvani Hope Perez`s Ellenwood, Ga. Neighborhood Targeted for a Home Invasion?

Why Was Ayvani Hope Perez`s Ellenwood, Ga. Neighborhood Targeted for a Home Invasion?

By John G. Kays

The kidnapping of 14-year-old Ayvani Hope Perez in Ellenwood, Georgia just a little over 24 hours ago has raised an alarm within the community and has left the neighborhood baffled beyond belief. Part of this uneasy feeling felt by neighbors and also by people across the nation, who are beginning to pick up on this story of un-circumspect abduction, is due to the unusual nature of the crime. 

AJC is not reporting that the suspects and victims knew one another; therefore, why were the Perez family picked for what looks like a random robbery that morphed into an abduction with a $10, 000 ransom attached?

Perhaps this is just me thinking out loud, but when reading neighbors or classmates of Ayvani`s comments in the AJC (the only newspaper with any kind of comprehensive coverage, for an event that only occurred 27 hours ago), I get the distinct impression these people are totally baffled by this crime.

It`s unfair, but many are going to immediately suspect this was somehow internal to the family (an inside job); I thought of the Cohen Brothers` movie Fargo, just to show you how far you can take this (in terms of premature judging).

My honesty may help you in your attempts to understand what law enforcement is up against. Once again, is there any connection between these two black men (who a police sketch artist has rendered a very clear likeness, hopefully) and the Perez family, who just moved to the Atlanta area recently? 

This has to be the question going through investigators` minds; that is, why did these two criminals believe these apparently humble people would have a great deal of cash and jewelry, when (in fact) they didn`t at all?

I mean, the father of Ayvani Hope Perez, Alberto Perez, 47, lives in El Paso and has flown into Atlanta, doesn`t have any idea how he can come up with $10, 000, that needs to be paid to the kidnappers who have his daughter held captive. 

One problem for these two desperate men is that, unless the police sketch is inaccurate, everybody in the country is going to know exactly who they are! I mean, how are they going to be able to enjoy the easy ransom money? One man has readily identifiable dreadlocks, which will need cutting off in very short order!

Strange! Bizarre! Something`s just not right here? I`m not quite buying this account, such as it`s been presented to us thus far; been around for quite a while and have covered a great many of these types of stories. 

Well, maybe not with this exact same set of facts; the MO on this one has a backstory to it that I can`t even begin to fathom(!) *(excessive use of exclamation punctuation here, but this situation warrants the language infraction, I`ll opine)!

And another thing I must add, it`s ridiculous to try to be funny here, since this is inappropriate behavior, with the hand of cards we`ve been dealt. So what do we have really? Why would these two men be casing this unassuming Atlanta suburb randomly? To put it another way, had they obtained some sort of inside information that these people had a great deal of cash and jewelry? 

This is what I don`t understand! Without prior knowledge, they canvas Ellenwood? They randomly pick this inconspicuous house? Huh? When we get a clearer picture, bet it isn`t what it appears to be!