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Published:September 19th, 2013 10:49 EST

The Most Boring UFO Video In History!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In this video below the person is recording a dark UFO over a factory or changing coal to energy... on a hill. This UFO is unique. Is dark and seems to be as big as the factory itself."


The Canadian

On YouTube you will find thousands of videos depicting UFO`s, most of the spacecraft are hovering over exotic locales.

The UFO`s come in a variety of interesting shapes, everything from a cigar-shaped craft to a flying saucer.

They are a feast for the eyes, glowing in every shade from neon pink to sliver to gold.

This is the most boring UFO video ever uploaded on YouTube. This UFO isn`t hovering over the Golden Gate Bridge or the Taj Majal, it`s was spotted over a factory in Mexico.

This unexplained object isn`t clearly delineated; it looks like a dark cloud or a smudge on the camera lens.

It`s not a Technicolor delight for the eyes; it`s a dull dark color.

Please, an eight-year-old girl who just got her first laptop from mom and dad could fabricate a more realistic and interesting UFO video.

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