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Published:September 20th, 2013 18:25 EST

Boris The Clown Catcher Vows To Track Down The Northampton Clown

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Northampton Clown`s reign of terror may soon come to a dramatic end.

First appearing on Friday the 13th, the sinister figure has been stalking the streets of Northampton with a chilling smile and mysterious agenda.


Now, the red-haired creepy man officially has a rival " Boris the Clown Catcher.

Boris has vowed to track down the unnerving figure, taking to Facebook to calm the worried citizens of Northampton."

Huffington Post

This article is the 2nd update to my series on the Northampton Clown, who is terrorizing the citizens of this sleepy town:

I disagree with the Huffington Post writer; there is nothing mysterious about the Northampton Clown`s agenda. The red-wigged clown from hell is a terrorist, and his agenda is to loosen the bowels of strong men, and to stop the hearts of women and children. Al Qaeda could learn a lesson or two from this dastardly clown who has taken up residence in Northampton.

A couple of townspeople have boasted about clobbering the clown the next time he rears his ugly head, but the monster`s reign of terror continues unabated.

But now there is hope on the horizon, this mysterious Boris the Clown Catcher has vowed to track down the wretched clown. Boris must have balls of brass and a heart of gold that bleeds concern for his neighbors.

The Northampton Clown is an affront to deceny and morality, let`s hope that this twisted entity has finally met his match.

I just pray that Boris isn`t a poseur who is seeking his 15 minutes of fame; he`s likely to reap an eternity in hell, messing around with the likes of the Northampton Clown.

Dear readers I will keep you abreast on the latest developments in this unnerving saga.

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