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Published:September 20th, 2013 11:07 EST

Pope Francis Chastises Priests For Being Obsessed With Abortion, Gays & Birth Control

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pope Francis said the Catholic Church must shake off an obsession with teachings on abortion, contraception and homosexuality and become more merciful or risk the collapse of its entire moral edifice "like a house of cards".

In a dramatically blunt interview with an Italian Jesuit journal, Francis said the Church had  locked itself up in small things, in small-minded rules` and should not be so prone to condemn."


Chicago Tribune

In the first few months of his papacy Pope Francis has made a few symbolic acts that speak of his humility and inclusiveness: Washing the feet of women, forsaking his opulent Vatican residence for a humble apartment, eschewing extravagant priestly vestments...

Those of us who look upon with disdain at the bureaucratic and patriarchal Roman Catholic Church were hopeful that these weren`t just publicity stunts, but a manifestation of a desire to reform the stodgy church.

It looks increasingly like Pope Francis is a genuine reformer who is seeking to bring the massive and unwieldy church back to its roots: Tending to the material, physical and spiritual needs not only of Roman Catholics, but everyone in the world.

In the interview with the Italian Jesuit Journal, the pontiff chastises priests for being cold, dogmatic bureaucrats. He scolds them for being obsessed with gays, abortion and birth control. I hope American Catholics and evangelicals read the blunt interview.

The pope`s comments may be viewed with alarm by conservative Catholics who are largely responsible for the moribund condition of the Roman Catholic Church, but they are welcomed by progressive Catholics and everyone else.

I hope that Catholics, followers of other faiths, and even atheists support Pope Francis` mission to reform and revive the church.

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