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Published:September 21st, 2013 11:59 EST

Joe Biden Has Driven His Niece, Caroline Biden, Bonkers: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Friends say Caroline Biden is a `hot mess` with a history of booze and pill addiction  and she blames it all on the tremendous pressure she faces being the vice president`s niece.


`She would complain about it all the time,` a confidant, socialite Paul Johnson Calderon, said without a hint of sarcasm."

New York Post

I for one am not surprised that Caroline Biden got into a fight with her roommate over unpaid rent, and then took a swing at the arresting officer.

We all have a crazy uncle or wacky aunt that we have to deal with, but imagine the stress Caroline is under being the niece of the craziest uncle in America.

The only thing that stops me from calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama is the fact that Crazy Joe Biden would take over.

I don`t predict a quick recovery for Caroline; maybe three years from now when Joe Biden steps down as Vice-President, she can begin her healing process.

I feel your pain Caroline; I would be a pill head if Joe Biden were my uncle.

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