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Published:September 25th, 2013 08:23 EST
Why Did Adrian Navarro-Canales Kill His Own Mother, Elvira Canales-Gomez and His Own Brother, Cesar Navarro?

Why Did Adrian Navarro-Canales Kill His Own Mother, Elvira Canales-Gomez and His Own Brother, Cesar Navarro?

By John G. Kays

A recent case, which occurred in Henderson, Nevada, has the local police believing a 16-year-old teenager, Adrian Navarro-Canales killed two family members (his own mother, Elvira Canales-Gomez, 40, and his own brother, Cesar Navarro, 9) on Tuesday, September 17th, stayed in their apartment another day or so, then split the scene, going on the lam. We`re hearing from various good news services, that initially the police thought Adrian was a victim also, but then found some evidence implicating him as the killer.

Exactly what evidence they found in the family`s apartment has not been disclosed; however, it has been reported that the mother and brother were apparently (probably) stabbed to death with a large kitchen knife. Another very shocking and disturbing piece of evidence, is that the kitchen knife was left still sticking in Elvira`s chest. That would mean, Adrian continued living in the apartment, not bothering to remove the knife from his mother`s chest. Unbelievable!

What was the cause of Adrian`s rage and anger? The family had a birthday party for Adrian on the Monday before this tragic escalation of violence transpired. Could it be that something happened at this party that could have set him off? The party was on Monday, the 16th, the murders occurred Tuesday night, the 17th, after Elvira came home from work, and the bodies were discovered on Friday, the 20th, but only after a boyfriend to Elvira, Carlos Rubio-Villanueva, and Elvira`s niece, 23-year-old Ana Martinez were trying very hard to get a hold of her.

The timeline is an interesting component to this story, since it tells us the parties involved in the case were delayed a little or were sluggish in determining just what had happened to this family. Well, I might add, we still don`t know where Adrian is yet; they`re even searching the border of Mexico for the young man, who seemingly snapped just a little over a week ago. One item that`s most hard for me to fathom, is the police believe Adrian returned to his apartment after the crime scene had already been processed!

I took a look at the Wikipedia entry for Henderson, Nevada this morning; I wanted to see the city on a map and to read a bit on its history. I noticed, it`s just a little south of Las Vegas, smack-dab in the Mojave desert (of course), but the entry failed to mention exactly how many miles it is south of Las Vegas. Maybe, it`s practically a suburb of Sin City, I don`t know? The population is 257, 729, according to a 2010 census and there was mention of Henderson being fairly affluent. One item touched on, which didn`t quite register cleanly with me, is that Forbes called it America`s second safest city!

Well, I don`t want to say, Adrian Navarro-Canales just lowered Henderson`s ranking, even though it may be true. Let`s hope they find him pretty soon; I don`t see how he could have gotten away too far, unless he somehow got a hold of a vehicle. Well, he could have taken a bus, I suppose. Let`s see, we should return to the timeline, since it`s crucial to understanding how he could easily have escaped and might be 1,000s of miles away by now. He flees on Wednesday, but stays in the area, returning early Saturday (possibly), after the cops had left. That`s 4 1/2 days to disappear; doable.