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Published:September 28th, 2013 12:12 EST

Paul Karason, Also Known As 'Blue Man' and 'Papa Smurf' Dies: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paul Karason, who became famous after his skin turned permanently blue, died at a Washington hospital Monday. He was 62.


Karason was admitted in the hospital last week after suffering a heart attack. He also had pneumonia and later suffered a severe stroke, his estranged wife, Jo Anna Karason, said Tuesday.

Karason was born a fair-skinned, freckled boy but his skin began turning blue 15 years ago after he contracted a rare medical syndrome known as argyria or silver poisoning from dietary supplements."


Paul Karason aka Blue Man, aka Papa Smurf has passed away and we are all feeling a little bit blue.

It`s not easy being green, but it`s even more difficult being blue. Karason survived being blue for 15 years, he`s certainly earned his eternal peace.

Karason didn`t like going out in public, but he should have worked his blue condition to his advantage. I would have had Smurfette groupies, a blue Corvette, and a blue mansion. The Blue Man Group has made millions in Las Vegas; imagine how much a real blue man could have earned?

Rest in Peace Papa Smurf!

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