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Published:September 29th, 2013 11:53 EST

Russian Burglars Break Into Lingerie Store By Mistake

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Russian police said they locked up two alleged burglars who broke into the wrong store after botching a stick-up at a cafe earlier in the day.


The suspects admitted to officers they had planned to clean out a cellphone shop next door but became confused in the darkness and broke into the lingerie store instead.

Police told the RIA Novosti news agency the pair had tried to rob a cafe earlier in the day, but the cashier ran off and took refuge in a beauty salon next door."


These two knuckleheads need to enroll in a vocational school when they are released from jail; they are definitely in the wrong line of work. Both suspects are 33; it`s not too late to learn a new trade.

It`s imperative for a burglar to have good night vision; these hapless burglars became confused in the darkness.  Instead of breaking into a cell phone store, they found themselves in a lingerie boutique. It`s a lot easier to fence mobile phones, than it is to get rid of lingerie.

Not only did the pair break into the wrong store, but they set off the burglar alarm. I bet these fools were trying on panties when the police nabbed them.

Even though the suspects came away red-faced and empty handed in both capers, they will be charged with robbery.

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