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Published:October 1st, 2013 16:12 EST

God Save Us From Obama & ObamaCare: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The sales pitches for and against ObamaCare have all been made. It`s now up to Americans to judge whether the law works as advertised, as the so-called insurance "exchanges` launch Tuesday.


Against the backdrop of the aggressive congressional showdown over ObamaCare -- and partial shutdown of the federal government -- Tuesday is the day that Americans can finally log on to the insurance-purchasing websites to take a test drive and decide for themselves."

Fox News

Millions of Americans will never find out if ObamaCare is all that and a bag of chips, because enrolling in ObamaCare is mission impossible., the homepage where you sign up for ObamaCare, should have a warning in red bold type: Enter all hope all you who enter here!

I wasted 39 minutes of my life, and risked a heart attack trying to complete the first stage of signing up for Obama`s hellish health plan. I couldn`t set up an account; I was hopelessly stuck at the page where you set up three security questions. The fields where the security questions were supposed to be were blank and the system didn`t allow you to type a question. There was an arrow, but if you clicked it there was no pull-down menu. After 39 minutes on hold with an ObamaCare customer service agent, I gave up in frustration.

The ObamaCare health plan is a bureaucratic nightmare, and has more glitches than you can shake a mouse at.

ObamaCare isn`t ready for primetime, and that`s why Obama delayed the business mandate. President Obama should delay the individual mandate for at least a year.

I hate Obama  and ObamaCare, the only thing that keeps me from going insane is the relief knowing I didn`t vote for Obama, and therefore not to blame for this monstrosity.

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