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Published:October 2nd, 2013 08:26 EST
The Mostly Successful Launching of The Affordable Care Act Reminds Us of Medicare`s Birth!

The Mostly Successful Launching of The Affordable Care Act Reminds Us of Medicare`s Birth!

By John G. Kays

The Affordable Care Act was launched yesterday with an unexpected high level of enthusiasm, which naturally caused some glitches in the system. The government web site had many more visitors shopping for insurance than could have been predicted, and this resulted in delays. For me, the fact that ObamaCare was functioning as well as it was, while much of the rest of the government was shut down, is something of a miracle, actually!  An example of the enthusiasm, is the State of California experienced 5 million online hits and 17,000 phone calls.

I read over 5 or 6 major articles in newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, or USA Today, in order to gain a balanced view of how this first historic day for Americans (who have so many horror stories to tell about getting health insurance) came and went, and yet their lives have sustained a permanent change. I don`t claim to understand it quite yet, but like most Americans, I need to get my education.

I took President Obama`s words literally, spoken yesterday at the White House Rose Garden. "This is life-or-death stuff. Tens of thousands of Americans die each year just because they don`t have health insurance. Millions more live with the fear that they`ll go broke if they get sick. And today, we begin to free millions of our fellow Americans from that fear." es, yesterday came and went as if it was just an ordinary day; really, it was anything but ordinary, it was a historic highpoint for Everyday People (as Sly Stone once said)! Every American needs (and has to have) health coverage!

The irony of much of the federal government shut down, which is caused by the Tea Party`s (a far-right faction of an already conservative Republican party) efforts to eradicate ObamaCare, is that suddenly we have a very lively new entity of the federal government, which is thriving all the more on all 8 cylinders, even when some of the kinks in the system will have to be ironed out. Early on Tuesday, nearly 3 million hits were recorded on the ACA site, as reported by The Washington Post. Why is this true? 

Largely, the reason for this, is that many Americans have been jammed or better, slammed by the big health insurance providers. It`s taking government oversight to act as a watchdog on these greedy companies, and that includes keeping an eye on the big pharmaceutical companies as well. This is not Socialism, but rather it`s just some essential monitoring, since the big health insurance providers have behaved so irresponsibly, with blatant disregard for regular people`s needs, and with only a greedy eye on the bottom line of Fat Profit. 

This is not Leftist rhetoric, but rather just a Big Picture Snapshot of what has occurred over the past 40 or 50 years; the issue of pre-existing conditions is probably the best example (and one often cited by Obama himself) of how the health insurance companies could pick and choose who they would insure, with the idea they would deny anybody who might possibly make a claim; their motive was to only take in money, not to pay out money. This is an easy enough way to understand why the ACA had to be.

This morning, as I read over how things went for ACA`s first day, I also did some research on Medicare, which went into effect under LBJ in 1965 (I was 12 at the time). To put it simply, it provides health care, paying 75% of the cost, to Americans who are 65 or older. The same instances of shout outs against it (such as ObamaCare presently) can be cited from the chronicles of those times. As it turns out, 48 years out from its initial launching, it has been a highly successful program! I predict the same will be true for the ACA; God Bless You, Barack!