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Published:October 3rd, 2013 12:06 EST

Bigfoot Is Real! Right &Tooth Fairy Is Pregnant With My Baby! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bigfoot is real, and there`s now both DNA and video evidence to prove it, claims one group of devoted Sasquatch researchers.


The group`s `never-before-seen footage` of an alleged Bigfoot creature sleeping in the woods of Kentucky has been presented this week along with various blood and hair samples said to be unlike anything seen before."

New York Daily News

Why didn`t the Sasquatch researchers capture the Bigfoot as he peacefully slept in the woods of Kentucky? There`s no better proof than a living Bigfoot! One living Bigfoots trumps a mountain of DNA evidence and thousands of doctored videos.

I could  bribe a hillbilly with a jug of moonshine to don a Bigfoot costume and sleep in the Kentucky woods. Come on, you guys can do better!

Actually the "Bigfoot" could be a meth head, everyone knows meth heads aren`t into personal grooming, and they can look pretty scary with their missing teeth and crazed look.

I have only one question: Dude where did you buy the Bigfoot  outfit? I want to be Bigfoot for Halloween.

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